Rachel’s Top Three – Episode 8

#3 – I Wish I Was Jack Reilly – Nothing Rhymes With David

I’m playing a show with Nothing Rhymes with David on Saturday so I thought I’d check out his music, and I saw he had a song called “I wish I was Jack Reilly”. A sentiment I can relate to. And this song kind of struck a chord with me not just because Jack Reilly is a hella cool dude but also because I think it really sums up awkwardness and anxiety in a local music scene. I’ve been looking for someone who can sum up the feelings that come with thinking other local musos are better with you. Anyway, I’m pretty keen to play with this guy and his acoustic noodlings and his quavering voice. I wish I was Nothing Rhymes With David.

Nothing Rhymes with David. Come check out him and me sing in the same room at the Commons Cafe on Saturday.

Nothing Rhymes with David. Come check out him and me sing in the same room at the Commons Cafe on Saturday.

#2 – Womb – regresser

I go through phases a lot with my heavy music and I think it’s time for my DIY Punk phase to chill for a bit so I can go through another regresser phase. This is Noisy, math-y, subtle hardcore with a saxophone from Newcastle, but don’t ever refer to the six-piece as surfies (It has actually happened). After knocking the socks off the Newcastle hardcore scene with their debut release .1, the boys followed it up with Womb, which is in a lot of ways more subdued than .1 but it’s still angry, raw and unpredictable. There’s a lot of elements at play here and Mitta Norath’s impeccable mixing balances it all flawlessly. The lyrics will probably make you sad and honestly it may be noisy and dissonant but if you ask me it’s also a pretty heartbreaking song. More sophisticated than a lot of hardcore and less wanky than a lot of prog. And they’re nominated for killyourstereo’s album of the year. Pretty good for ‘a bunch of surfies who sound like la dispute.’

A wild regresser in their natural habitat.

A wild regresser in their natural habitat.

#1 Bark Like An Animal – Emma & The Hungry Truth

This is the second song by Emma & The Hungry Truth that’s been my number one for the week and the 6 piece are well on the way to being my favourite Aussie band. Kate Bush-esque vocals, epic arrangements and catchy, catchy hooks are what they’re good at, and that’s exactly what Bark Like An Animal showcases. I played it last week and couldn’t get it out of my head, and the band’s latest EP Feast is full of songs like that. The instrumental parts are unique and work together rather than clamouring for attention which is fortunate, because Emma Dean’s voice is show-stopping and not a lot could take the attention away from this front woman. There is real talent in this band. And I for one welcome my new theatrical pop overlords.


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